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LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Engage, Elevate, Empower™

  • To engage your mind, body and ‘voice’ (performing instrument) in appropriate repertoire, healthy technique and mind body awareness as it pertains to performance on  your instrument.

  • To elevate your quality of musicianship appropriate to your age, level of skill, ability, and physiological development.

  • To empower you to perform with artistry, ease, and confidence.    



  • Students will develop:

    • Mind -Body awareness and connection to instrument 

    • Musicality and artistic interpretation 

    • Style and performance practice techniques 

    • Music vocabulary 

    • Music Theory Fundamental Knowledge & Application

    • Healthy Technique 

    • Sight Reading Skills

    • Mastery of the music being performed

    • Vocal students: 

      • Fluent execution of the diction (especially in any foreign language pieces)

      • Breathing and breath support technique 

      • Ear training 



  • Students are expected to:

    • Demonstrate a willingness to fulfill the potential of your talent

    • Take responsibility for practice & preparation 

    • Have a strong work ethic

    • Be open to self-discovery

    • Commit to and attend your scheduled weekly lesson time 

    • Please be at least 5 minutes early to each lesson. Promptness is very important.  Being early and on time ensures that you will get the maximum value out of each  lesson.  

    • Have enthusiasm! A general love of music and openness to learn about your  instrument is very important and a quick path to improving your abilities.

    • Practicing pays off! (At least 30 minutes, six days a week, spent listening to a  recorded lesson and or working on your skill building exercises and assigned repertoire will help you gain a  greater command of your instrument. 

    • Attend musical performances. As a growing performer you can learn a lot by attending performances and watching others in his/her/their element. It is also important in developing a musical aesthetic. 


MATERIALS (to be acquired by students)  

  • Piano students

    • Notebook for logging weekly assignment 

    • Lesson books (as assigned)

    • Pencil

    • Metronome (apps are acceptable)



Students will generally purchase their own music. Rita can purchase materials and then will add the cost to the monthly invoice. Rita also will provide links for repertoire to be purchased online by the student. 

Any music borrowed from the instructor must be returned in its original condition within two weeks’ time after use. Unreturned or damaged materials will be billed at the current retail price. Materials used in lessons will vary due to skill level and student interest.

Students will have a google drive, created for them, where they can access recordings and additional resources that will enrich their development and practice.



Once you arrive please park on the street and walk along the left side of the house (you will see a path) to use the walk out basement entrance into the studio.


While lessons are open for parents to observe on occasion, once a relationship is established with parent(s), student, and myself, it is not necessary for parents to sit in on every lesson. It is also always up to the student if he/she/they would like parents observing any lesson.



If there are any concerts, performances, or special events that you wish for me to attend, please send me an invitation, and I will do my best to be there and support you! 



Up to date public health safety measures from the county, and the CDC, as well as COVID protocols from the local and national  theater companies, and universities help make the best decisions on the best health practices to keep everyone safe. 

The studio is sanitized between students by wiping down all frequently touched surfaces, fresh air ventilation, and germicide purifiers are run continuously.


Should COVID cases be on the rise and there is a need to pivot to online lessons, we will use Zoom as our platform. 



Students and parents/guardians of students ages 18  years old and under agree to allow Melodia LLC /  to use written correspondence as a testimonial and/or take photographs/video/audio recordings of him/her/them during lessons,  rehearsals, recitals, or other studio events for archival purposes and studio promotional use. Published materials will not include full names – only first name/last initial or full initials will be used. 




$80 for the year, per student / 10% discount per student for families with multiple students or students who study both piano & voice

Fee covers consumable materials needed for instruction to include 

(not limited to):

  • Supplemental materials

  • Practice incentive charts/Reward stickers 

  • Singing straw/case

  • Performance tracks 

  • Sight reading factory 

  • Learning apps 

  • Recital related costs (2 per year)


  • Lessons are on a monthly tuition basis.

  • Payment is invoiced/billed monthly, at the end of each month with a 10 day window of payment period.  

  • I reserve the right not to teach a lesson until I receive lesson payment in full. 

  • Multiple lessons per week are an option, if needed, to prepare for an upcoming audition, performance or for a make-up lesson.

  • Forms of payment accepted: Cash, Cash App, PayPal, Venmo, Personal  Checks/ Money Order

  • Please note that my private studio is my livelihood, so I ask that you are on time with your payments. THANK YOU! 

  • Please arrive at your lesson on time:  if you  are late, your lesson will not be extended to make up time. 

  • Late Payments: Payments that are more than seven (7) days past  due will incur a $25 late fee. Returned checks will incur a service charge of  $40, and future tuition payments must be made by money order or in cash. 



  • Excused absence: A make-up will be honored if an absence is communicated  at least 24 hours in  advance. Students and parents may call, email, or text through 9:30 PM to cancel a lesson for the following day. The lesson will only be made up if proper notice of absence is given. This includes emergencies, illness, unexpected life events (provided this is not a regular occurrence). 

  • Unexcused absence: If  no notice or late notice is given, the student will be considered a NO SHOW, and the lesson will not be made up. Communication is key. As soon as something comes up, even if it might conflict with your scheduled lesson, you should alert me ASAP.

  • Lessons will be rescheduled on the day of your lesson at a later, agreed  upon, date. 

  • Should you not wish to schedule a make-up lesson for a same day lesson cancellation, or we cannot find a make up lesson time, then  you forfeit payment for that week’s missed lesson.  

  • Lessons canceled by the instructor will be made up at the student's convenience. Once a  make-up lesson time is agreed upon, it will not be rescheduled. 



  • Holidays: The studio will follow the same holiday schedule as Fairfax County Public Schools. 

  • Weather Cancellations: The studio will follow Fairfax County Public Schools’ weather related closures. 

  • Lessons missed due to weather-related cancellations will be made up at the student’s convenience.



If lessons must be discontinued, notice must be given, in writing, at least 2 weeks in advance. 

If the student has not received all prepaid lessons prior to stopping/pausing lessons, the student has up to 60 days, after informing the instructor of discontinuation, to receive any remaining lessons. There are NO refunds. 










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