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Rita’s journey with chronic, invisible illnesses, most significantly her battle with Cushing’s Disease, has profoundly shaped her understanding of dis-ease and healing on all levels of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Along the way, Rita discovered her gifts as an empath,  intuitive, and a healer. 


Over the past 4 years,  Rita has trained in Pranayama with Maryam Ovissi and Doug Keller at Beloved Yoga. She has completed her foundational training in Healing Touch and has completed a 22 credit Graduate Certificate in Music for Well-Being at George Mason University, where she directs their Healing Arts Ensemble and teaches principles of vibrational healing using sound. Rita also presents workshops in music for well-being, across campus to undergraduate and graduate students in the Reva and Sid Dewberry School of Music, and Center for the Advancement in Well-Being. Rita works with Kelly Melka routinely and has taken Kelly’s classes in intuitive development. Rita Healing is working on another pair of Certificates in Sound Healing through the Life Changing Energy program.


Rita offers a unique approach to her work as she is able to combine the practices of vibrational and energy healing techniques, while using her intuitive gifts to guide her process that is uniquely devised for the highest good and best intentions of each client. 


Rita’s healing work addresses:

  • Releasing energy blocks within the body to promote healing from dis-ease 

  • Releasing pain

  • Releasing performance anxiety (Music Performance Anxiety (MPA) is also addressed.)

  • Releasing perfectionism

  • Restoring the energy fields to a more optimal state of balance 

  • Restoring the immune system 

  • Inducing relaxation

  • Improving Self-worth

  • Improving Self-esteem

  • Managing stress

  • Support in moving through life transitions

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