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Choral Clinician 

  • Preparation for an upcoming performance.

  • Specific work on vocal production, expression, diction, blend, balance, artistry, musical affect and connection of singers across ensemble.

  • Mock adjudicator with feedback and rehearsal strategies / tips to enhance your performance 

Guest Conductor 

  • Community

  • County

  • Honors Choirs


  • County Choir Auditions

  • District Choir Auditions

  • All State Choir Auditions

  • State Assessments 

  • Adjudications 

Vocal Coach /

Music Director

  • Contemporary A Cappella

  • Musical Theatre

  • Classical

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Music for


in Your Ensemble

  • Restore & renew musical goals and  across the ensemble.

  • Learn how the music raises your collective vibration to a state of well-being

  • Create ensemble practices that foster well-being for every singer 

  • Engage in meditation using music and experience instruments that bring as sense of calm to the body. 

  • Learn the art of improvisation and how to create music with intention. 

Engage, Elevate, Empower™ Workshop

  • Engage in mind, body, voice work 

  • Learn the art of storytelling within performance  
  • Learn how to shake off stage fright and limit music performance anxiety 

  • Engage in empowering practices that will inspire resilience, confidence and successful performance 

Audition Preparation or Masterclass

  • Musical Theatre 

  • Contemporary A Cappella 
  • Honors choir 

  • All workshops are customizable and  support professional, community and school based performers & ensembles. 

  • Prices for services will vary based on the type, length, and budget. Click "Contact Me" above to inquire and schedule services.

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