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Updated September 2022

  1. I am fully vaccinated.

  2. Per the latest CDC guidance Masking is optional for ALL regardless of vaccination status.

  3. Social distancing of 3-6 feet with vocal students will be maintained.

  4. The studio space has out door air ventilation and an air purifier; and, instruments, music stands and material are cleaned with disinfectant between students.

  5. Student lesson times are set up with at least a 15 minute break between students (unless students are siblings)

  6. Students will be required to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer upon entering the studio.

  7. Students who are symptomatic with any illness or have a fever of any kind should cancel their lesson. 

8. There will be no penalty for those who need to cancel due to illness or COVID related symptoms.

Mask suggestions for voice students: 

KN95 and KN95 disposable masks are recommended as they allow additional space to open the mouth and breathe. 

Here is another option that will be more comfortable and created for singers by singers: 

The Singer's Mask

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